610 Studios is a digital marketing agency that started in 2018 when a group of friends decided they didn't want the lifestyle of working a 9-5 and wanted to live out their dreams. With this mindset, Co-founders Greg Santa-Anna and Joe DeRenzo picked up a camera and started to photograph and film their daily adventures. While it started with exploring some local spots throughout Pennsylvania, they later started filming in locations such as Turks & Caicos, Costa Rica, Canada, and will be traveling more this summer. We have home bases in  Allentown, PA and Tampa, FL, and we are open to traveling to new states and countries. 
Greg Santa-Anna 
Co-founder of 610 Studios & FlyHigh Visuals
Greg is a 20 year old from Allentown PA. He is currently studying Film and Entrepreneurship at The University of Tampa. Greg has been editing videos and shooting photography for about 7 years now. The past 3 years however, he has excelled in the art of filmmaking and photography.  Honing in on all aspects of the industry to broaden his skillset. He was a student athlete playing Division II Lacrosse with the Spartans for a year and a half before focusing on the future and the commitment to photography/videography. Greg is the main editor of the pages, editing most of the videos and photos. He owns and uses the Sony a7iii as his main camera but also utilizes his Mavic 2 drone for some different perspectives.  Greg is proficient in Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, and Illustrator. He is also currently enrolled in Kolder Creative, a class taught by Sam Kolder, a renowned filmmaker of this generation. Greg has a unique craft in his work. A highly creative individual who can bring your ideas to life!

Joe DeRenzo 
Co-founder of 610 Studios & FlyHigh Visuals
Joe is a 19 year old based in the Lehigh Valley, PA. He currently attends Flight School in Allentown working on his Private Pilots License with bigger dreams than on display. He's a Licensed Skydiver, learning from one of the best to ever do it, Don Kellner. The World Record Holder for the Most Sport Jumps in the World. Joe chases different perspectives not only in daily living but in his work as well. He recently acquired his Drone Pilots License to work sharply with his DJI FPV Racing Drone. He incorporates a GoPro 9 with the drone for a more modern, cinematic point of view. Videography/photography has always been a way Joe expresses his thoughts and ideas. He excels in the process of designing a plan and bringing it to life. A creator at heart, Joe is a guy with the drive to push boundaries beyond limitation. 

Joey Pasquale
Co-founder of 610 Studios & FlyHigh Visuals
Joey is another member who bases out of Allentown, PA and Miami, FL. Joey is currently a sophomore attending the The University of Miami, studying Health Sciences with a minor in Film. He’s also a brother of the Greek affiliation PIKE while holding positions as head of public relations and social media for the organization. Joey was the first to introduce the group to drone technology with his purchase of the DJI Spark early on in high school. Building off the newfound love we all had for this type of technology, our group quickly purchased and expanded our variety of equipment with new drones and cameras. Joey now utilizes a Mavic Air 2 and Canon EON 500D to create his projects and specializes more toward group-sponsored events. Joey advocates that the best way to capture human experience and expression is through a lens and believes that if you have a goal, don’t let fear stand in the way of it.

Dom Coniglio
business development

Member Dominick Coniglio is a 20-year-old from Tampa, Florida. He is currently a student at the University of Tampa studying Business Management with a minor in Leadership Studies. He is also a student athlete competing on the men’s soccer team. Dominick is a male model for Level Talent Agency based in Tampa and Orlando. He has 4 years of modeling and acting experience. Dominick is a driving force in the business development side of 610 Studios connecting the brand with businesses locally and nationally. He has interned with many businesses in the bay area from marketing and consulting to lobbying and political assistance. Dominick has a passion for film making and script writing and has written two short films and is currently working on a feature length movie. He offers an abundance of creative vision for 610 Studios in film making along with the business aspect. He is member and a volunteer of 4Ocean, Ocean Conservancy, Replay Tampa Bay and Metropolitan Ministries. Dominick believes in living in harmony with the environment and hopes to one day be able to travel the world and experience life while capturing it all on film. ​​​​​​​
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